Most people know and can articulate what they do. But over the years I’ve stopped being amazed by how many people can’t articulate why they do it. For some reason it’s a block. And it’s not enough for a client to read about your clearly articulated services but come away from your website, brochure or book with no idea of you, your values and your reason for turning up each day. Like it or not, you need to show them who you are.

For years I’ve been writing and editing with and for individuals (including authors), small businesses and large organisations. Over time I’ve realised that during this process I really do help develop their sense of themselves. Our work together is so personal – challenging novelists to unpack and expand their characters, questioning the relevance of a scene in a memoir or nailing down how a business goes about its, er, business in order to spread the word. And underneath our work with words is a passion and commitment from the A story to tell team to help people tell their real story, the story they are supposed to tell today, right now, to the best of their ability.

This is why we’ve come up with a clever concept called The Full Picture. In one fell swoop, it covers two of the really icky parts of demonstrating who you really are – writing your 300-word profile and photographing your very own visage! It’s much more than words and pictures. Through the writing of an ‘about me’ page, individuals get to know who they are, what they do and why they do it. The same goes with an ‘about us’ for businesses and organisations. Through asking challenging yet compassionate questions, we draw out your wisdom and then write it in your voice in a way that appeals to your audience. The same goes with the headshots.

A story to tell … has teamed up with photographers Alina Golovachenko and David Brewster so you can totally show them who you are! Like with the words, Alina and David are interested in what you have to share about the what, the where and the why of your professional life, and do a fine job of showing that in a professional portrait that you’ll be proud of. (Yes, proud of … not just tolerate!)

Whether you’re just starting out or you know it’s time to update, get in touch!

Your words will definitely pour onto the page,

Ann Bolch

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