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Words pouring explores the concept of creative flow.Explore creative flow

Even within life’s chaos, writers and people with big ideas can create the conditions to consistently tap into the muse. No. More. Excuses!

Join Ann, Richard, Lu, David, Nicola and Alina while we enhance our writing practice through learning about creative flow. Here you’ll find blogs, tips and audio that will inspire, challenge and inform your creativity.

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Going public – public speaking (in flow)

I signed up to a course that I hoped would improve my public speaking. The […]

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Create the conditions

It’s nice to tap into the zeitgeist. Recently there’s been a flood of comments on […]

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Writing in flow

I was explaining to some writerly friends that my new blog is all about writing […]

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Wordy treasure hunt

Does anyone else love a good treasure hunt? To celebrate the launch of A story […]

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Discipline to play

Remember when we played and played and didn’t come home until dark? We lost ourselves […]

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Writing – where to start?

Where to start … Whether you’re new to writing or have been around the writer’s […]

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