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Words pouring explores the concept of creative flow.Explore creative flow

Even within life’s chaos, writers and people with big ideas can create the conditions to consistently tap into the muse. No. More. Excuses!

Join Ann, Richard, Lu, David, Nicola and Alina while we enhance our writing practice through learning about creative flow. Here you’ll find blogs, tips and audio that will inspire, challenge and inform your creativity.

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Are you operating in the sweet spot? Flow.

So, if it was hard, what made you keep going? This question came from my […]

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Where the ideas flow

I do some of my best work in the shower. Sometimes, after wrestling at the […]

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New choices within the challenges of writing

I’ve just published an article in Victorian Writer about writing ‘off the page’. It had […]

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Writer’s overwhelm – how to tackle it

I’ll admit it. Since returning from long-service leave, I’ve had half a heart in the […]

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Listen to flash fiction from A Box of Stars

I’ll keep this short: do you have an appetite for flash fiction? Or short-short stories, […]

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Make it up as we go along

A month ago I returned from a 105-day trip that started in Istanbul and finished […]

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