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Even within life’s chaos, writers and people with big ideas can create the conditions to consistently tap into the muse. No. More. Excuses!

Join Ann, Richard, Lu, David, Nicola and Alina while we enhance our writing practice through learning about creative flow. Here you’ll find blogs, tips and audio that will inspire, challenge and inform your creativity.

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Too long, wasn’t read? Declutter your writing

Everyone these days seems to bang on about decluttering – our homes, our minds, our […]

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Where to start with a story coach?

Are you in the dark about the process of working with a story coach (similar to a […]

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Give your writing a sporting chance

As I’m writing this post during finals week in our major football codes I thought […]

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Loaded writing questions with… Richard Holt

Richard Holt came to writing through visual art, and combines both with text-based installations. He […]

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Editor seeking relationship with writer

Writing is a solitary task. This is perhaps the main reason why so many writing […]

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So what? How to write clearly

Why do we write? Or, more specifically, why do we write for an audience? Whether […]

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