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A good old-fashioned newsletter

Gone are the days when admin staff had to hand crank the duplicating machine to […]

May 29, 2017 on Ann Bolch, Blog Boast, writing help, writing services

Client win: Management Book of the Year awards

A story to tell… client Dennis Gentilin has just won his category in the Management […]

February 8, 2017 on Alina Golovachenko, Blog Boast

Listen to flash fiction from A Box of Stars

I’ll keep this short: do you have an appetite for flash fiction? Or short-short stories, […]

November 10, 2016 on Blog Boast, Richard Holt

From draft to published: a collaboration

John Corrigan contacted us with a draft manuscript and a tight deadline for self-publishing his first […]

July 7, 2016 on Alina Golovachenko, Blog Boast, editing, proofreading, writing help, writing services

When your novel’s out there, what now?

Darcy Conroy just can’t stop writing! On the back of her adventurous and page-turning thriller […]

June 27, 2016 on Ann Bolch, Blog Boast

The doughnut’s strange beginning

Cinnamon Diamonds is a fictional yet “largely true” story by A story to tell… client Mark […]

June 25, 2016 on Alina Golovachenko, Blog Boast, writing inspiration

Invitation to Launch: ‘Weaving Meaning’

This week A story to tell… client Mary Burgess is launching ‘Weaving Meaning: stories of […]

May 9, 2016 on Blog Boast

Book launched: The Origins of Ethical Failures

A story to tell… client Dennis Gentilin has just launched The Origins of Ethical Failures. […]

April 29, 2016 on Blog Boast, writing services

Book launched: The Ten Demandments

It’s been busy lately for A story to tell… clients, with not one but two book launches […]

April 21, 2016 on Blog Boast

Show them who you are, Duncan Warnock!

Our first client to take up The Full Picture was pleased with both his headshot […]

April 13, 2016 on Alina Golovachenko, Ann Bolch, Blog Boast, David Brewster, opportunities, writing services