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Writers seek more than just editing services. Sometimes you also want an experienced confidante who has the best intentions for your work and will engage with your ideas and stories. So it’s with great pleasure that I officially announce two new members of staff at A story to tell …

Richard Holt and Di Websdale-Morrissey have years of writing and teaching experience. They’re also truly into supporting writers to fulfil their dreams. They listen to your goals, read your work and are honest in their advice. I trust these two so much I have engaged them to read and appraise my own work over the years.

Want to read more about Richard and Di? Check out their profiles below.

May your words pour onto the page in 2015!

Best wishes,

Ann, Richard & Di



Richard’s calm and thoughtful approach to appraising fiction and poetry means you’re in respectful hands from the start. His areas of expertise include novel, short story, micro-fiction (aka flash fiction), essays, and copy writing for small and medium businesses (SMEs). His background as a visual artist and a community arts worker has provided him with expertise in collaboration, compilation and installation, and he really enjoys putting together collections and long-term writerly projects.

Want to know more? Go to: Richard Holt

Di W-M dinkus

Di’s writing and mentoring experience is too numerous to list but we’ll do our best! She’s passionate about bringing non-fiction stories to life in the form of memoirs, ‘how to’s, corporate and family histories, and long-form essays. Whether it’s ghostwriting for you or coaching you to get the best from your own writing, Di’s achievements with authors are proof of her supportive approach, collaborative attitude and industry nous. When it comes to corporate writing, her listening ear is acute, creative and punctual.

Want to know more? Go to: Di Websdale-Morrisey


  • Carey Williams
    3 years ago - Reply

    Hi Ann,
    I think Di may be able to help me. About 12 months ago a lady asked me to write her late husband’s biography. I accepted and have done much thinking and interviewed a few people and some research but not much writing. I think the problem is knowing what form it should take or a road map. I’m really wanting to do it and my health during 2014 has not helped but I’m making a NY resolution to get cracking and write a draft, just get it down and worry about quality and format later. Maria has offered to edit but I need to to write a lot first.
    How does Di charge for her services? Or how do you, if Di works through you? Anyway any advice you could give would be most welcome. The lady offered to pay me but I’m not doing it for money – Doug was a friend of mine and his life affected me and his story is relevant to a good slice of Australian history

    Best regards, Carey

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