Ann Bolch

I loved writing as a child. Apparently I used to pen stories on scrap paper before I could actually form the letters. It was all pot-hooks and scribble. Yet Mum would ask, ‘What are you writing?’ And I’d say, ‘A story’. Then she’d ask me to tell it to her.

My early passion grew through a love of English and creative writing at school, but back in the 1980s these didn’t amount to a job, so I diverted to a degree in Outdoor Education. Contact with nature, using my wits, playing and resting hard with like-minded souls in the outdoors … life couldn’t get any better.

In the late nineties, I got struck down with a debilitating illness that turned out to be Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME). It really rocked me. Working and playing in the outdoors ceased.

I was couch-bound for a long time. As I recovered I took up gardening and writing. Pretty quickly I reconnected with the thrill of words, the connections between ideas and the writing of tales. My creative writing teacher Maria Millers noticed a speck of skill and encouraged me to just write.

Just writing is, of course, the most simple and difficult thing to do. And yet we must. Every day if we can.

Pretty soon I created a career and began to earn some dough from writing. (They say it’s impossible, but they’re wrong!) I started to enjoy learning about grammar and how it affects rhythm and meaning. I learnt that story is a huge and engaging subject. I became fascinated by how people get on a roll then become stuck. This is why I’ve dedicated my blog to writing flow.

A story to tell brings my passions and skills together. My aim is that you will leave this site feeling more confident and clear about the skills you have and the skills you need to develop your ideas. Think big. Be curious. Explore. If you need help bringing your story to life, contact me.

As an experienced writer and editor and qualified teacher, I enjoy engaging with people to get the best from their ideas. Over the years I’ve developed skills in the art of writing and editing fiction; non fiction, including journalism, essays and memoirs; ghostwriting and copywriting. To see some samples, please go to my recent work.

One of my favourite contributions to the writing community is empowering writers of all levels to connect with their work. It might be your first blog. It could be your second novel. Perhaps you need a new website. Whatever the task, if it involves writing, feather-305273_640editing or simply telling your story clearly and passionately, contact me to discuss your thoughts.


    • Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Accreditation 2012
    • Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT 2011
    • Diploma of Education, ACU 1998 Bachelor of Arts (Outdoor Education), Latrobe University 1992.

As well, I keep my professional memberships current and regularly participate in professional development. I love learning about how to convey ideas and working with people and organisations to get them out there.

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