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Lu Sexton headshot_squareI came to editing the long way round via theatre, street music, and clown, community arts and events. The through-line of my career is creative collaboration, which is my favourite way of working.

When working with a writer my sole purpose is to help the writing become the best it can be. A writer can often be too close to their own work to be able to see its power or its potential. And because they know their writing inside out, it can be hard for them to gauge what the reader knows, or needs to know.

When editing fiction it’s my job to be the first reader then clearly articulate my reading experience so the writer can make informed choices about what to do next. It’s not about telling the writer what to do — it’s about posing questions, pointing out opportunities, reflecting. With technical writing I can be more interventionist but am still sensitive with my feedback and suggestions.

I have been freelancing since 2009, editing anything from short stories to epic page-turners, policy documents to information guides. I also bring three years’ experience working in corporate editing for local government, where I refined the art of untangling multi-authored documents — a challenge I really enjoy.


    • Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Accreditation 2014
    • Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT 2012
    • Diploma Performing Arts in Dramatic Art (Animateur) VCA 1987.

Lu Sexton’s editing is incredibly intelligent and sensitive to the message.’

Dinesh Senan, author of Inner Alignment

We were really impressed with Lu’s work! She took a document that was the product of a few people’s co-writing and did not have a executive summary or a punchy wrap up. Lu turned it in to a well bookended piece that flowed and took you through the story in a succinct and well structured way. Thanks again, Lu.

Helaine Stanely, 226 Strategy & Placemaking

Despite being the single highest cost of self-publishing so far, the copy edit will be the one expense I will never regret… after getting eight quotes and four samples from Australian and American editors, I chose Lu Sexton of A story to tell… to copyedit Shizzle, Inc and I’m blown away with the results.

To be honest, I had a lot of reservations about paying for editing… In the end it was probably the sample that did it. Lu didn’t just pick up grammatical errors and turns of phrase; she made a few clever suggestions for heightening the drama and comedy without losing my protagonist’s voice. I had the balls to ask if the rest of the manuscript would get a similar treatment and got a polite answer that yes, it would. And it did. I got back not just an improved manuscript, but also a lesson in writing, customised just for me.

Ana Spoke

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