Richard Holt

Richard Holt headshot_squerI came to writing through reviews of visual art and I still combine writing and visual art with my text-based installations, including the Flashing the Square projects in both the 2013 and 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival.

I write for children and young adults, having been a recipient of a Maurice Saxby Mentorship for children’s writers in 2009. I’m currently completing a three-novel series for older children. Extensively published, with both non-fiction and fiction appearing in a range of mainstream and alternative journals. I also have a passion for microfiction and dabble in poetry. Two of my sonnets were selected in the prestigious Inkerman and Blunt Australian Love Poems collection.

I was Bayside Writer in Residence in 2011/12 and am a regular mentor and writing tutor for the contributors to Roomers magazine, a literary outlet for writers living in rooming houses or suffering other forms of housing stress.

I enjoy writing across genres and am passionate about the craft of writing in all its forms. When not writing, I’m also a sports nut, artist, father, basketball coach (carn the Snakes) and occasional musician.


    • Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing, RMIT
    • Graduate Diploma, Information Management & Library Studies, RMIT
    • BA in Fine Art (painting), RMIT
    • BA (English & Philosophy), University of Melbourne.

Listen to what Richard has to say about story and the art of generating material so you’ve ‘always got something on the go’. A great way to avoid the old (lower your voice to a whisper) writer’s block.

Praise for Richard’s work on the first draft of a young adult novel by Rebecca Methley:

At first, getting the manuscript appraisal and hearing the suggestions for improvement made me feel like I was taking a step back from getting the novel published. But the better part of me knew that the story could be much stronger and appealing.

I was stuck at the beginning of the rewrite, trying to come up with new ideas and themes. (I felt I had written everything I wanted to write in my first draft, but clearly I hadn’t quite finished! J). Once I got the ball rolling — making notes and getting new ideas — it all just began to flow.

Since then I have been writing nonstop. I’ve gone through the entire story and made many changes that have strengthened my storyline. At the moment I am in the process of reading through the whole novel, editing and deleting sentences that I think I don’t need. Then I’ll come back for another round of feedback.

Richard gave me an extremely detailed appraisal that I am very thankful for. It made me understand my writing style and my story even more. I was able to see what I needed to change and improve on to strengthen the story. Talking to him on the phone a couple of weeks later was also very helpful. The two weeks gave me the time to understand the appraisal and also make my own notes, and then discussing these with him opened more ideas. Having that fresh pair of eyes really helps. Richard is very kind and supportive and he made me feel that my little idea is something special.

I am very happy to have found A Story To Tell. It’s a lovely editing business — very organised and punctual with responding to emails, which I am thankful for.

Thank you Richard for all of the help you have given me so far. I really appreciate it.

Rebecca Methley, Writer

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