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The book is not dead!

Writing and publishing books has become more accessible with the rise of quality self-publishers, e-books and social media. If you have something worth writing down, but can’t quite organise your thoughts or wrangle the words into the right order, contact us to have a chat about the different ways we can help you get it down.

You may want to write it yourself: copy editing will suit you.

You’ve got all the ideas but want someone else to write the words: ghostwriting will suit you.

You already have a polished piece: proofreading will ensure your hard work has its t’s crossed and its i’s dotted.

Whether your manuscript is a blog, article or book-length piece, we can improve the flow of the text, clarify the message and help bring your ideas to life. We’ve worked on fiction, non-fiction and all kinds of topics. Novels, self-help books, memoirs, family histories, corporate histories, and more.