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Listening. Understanding the author’s intention. Writing in the author’s voice. Ghostwriting is a satisfying option when the team works well together.

If you’ve got the ideas, but not the time …

If you’ve got a book or blog in you, but are frustrated by the way your words don’t quite sound the way you want them to …

If you have something important to say …

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Martin Wren, CEO NOVA Employment

Blog-style article in national disability magazine LINK. Martin and Ann create a list of relevant and interesting topics, Ann interviews him briefly, conducts any further research, and then writes the articles in the way he’d write them if he had the time.

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Danny McAllister, McAllister’s Fitness

Danny came to us with a first draft of Frustration Point – How to Break Through to Freedom! Although we’d actually call what Ann did with Danny copy editing, she used some ghostwriting techniques to enhance the story he already had, such as organising and developing his thinking. Ann coached him through improving the sentence structure to clarify his ideas. Danny was also keen to learn and re-learn punctuation, grammar and word-choice skills to improve writing his blogs, newsletters and his next book!

Danny’s very happy to chat with you to discuss the editing process and talk through what it’s like to have a professional writer support your project. Call him 03 9877 0572 or email him You can also read his testimonial here.

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