Writing & editing services

As experienced writers and accredited editors, we offer a range of writing and editing services for people and organisations.

Your words may need a quick glance over before publication or a decent copy edit. Whatever your needs, we have the skills and experience to help you wrangle your words into catchy, engaging stories.

We can also help you ascertain which service you need. The explanations below might help you make a start.


Writing copy can involve help with ideas generation, choosing the right tone and tailoring your message to a specific audience. We can be as creative or as conservative as you like, but working with me from the ideas stage will ensure you represent yourself exactly as intended.

We write from audio or video interviews, transcripts, previously published material, conversations – just about anything. As well, we can generate fresh news from you and your staff by asking questions that will inspire and get you thinking about your passions at work. Please click here for recent copywriting samples.

> Copywriting examples


If you’ve written copy that has all the right information and even strikes the right tone, but you know it isn’t up to scratch, let us at it! While respecting your voice we’ll shape those words and improve their rhythm to engage your readers straight away.

Rewriting is useful for those people who have a reasonable eye for writing so can get their ideas down pretty coherently, but have priorities other than finessing the words into shape. It’s a good option for busy managers.

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There’s no mystery to ghostwriting. People write words on behalf of others all the time. Sometimes it’s a book, often it’s blogs for busy people who love to get their ideas out there but don’t have time. Even if you enjoy putting words together into stories, employing a ghostwriter to flesh out your ideas or shape your story into readable bites will be of great value to you. Click here for a sample of some of our ghostwriting work.

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Copy editing

Copy editing ensures your material is organised into logical and manageable chunks. Copy editors look for effective ways to convey the logical presentation of your messages. If you’ve got your words ready, but know your presentation could be more intuitive and engaging, employ a copy editor to really cut through to your audience.

> Copy editing examples


Proofreading comes just before publication. It’s the final pass over for errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other things such as chapter and page numbers, headings and sub-headings. Proofreaders cast a fresh eye over the text and format of your document to ensure your beautiful brochure or wonderful website is clean and clear. See samples here.

> Proofreading examples

Please see my recent work for a few samples and the story around town for testimonials from some of my clients. For more information, go to FAQs or contact us.