Writing strategies & coaching

Can you imagine someone who wants the best for your work yet can keep a distance from it?

Buoyed by other people’s growth and successes, we engage with you and your work by employing creative strategies to help you uncover strengths, realise new connections and budge pesky writing blocks. Together we face the uncertainty of creating something fresh; unique to your skills, experience and hopes for the story.

Your project might be an idea, an early draft or close to publication. We work with writers and people with big ideas to flesh out thoughts and develop stories. Read these stories around town to see who else has had fun while learning to write better.

We take the time to listen to your story and ask questions that will stimulate energy and growth in your project. This investment clarifies your choices and ensures that your creativity flourishes.

Want to learn to write well, improve your writing or shove aside bad habits?

One-on-one strategies

Be surprised by how a skilled and compassionate editor can highlight your writing strengths and work through the weaknesses to help you say exactly what you want to say. Whether it’s a blog or a book, a newsletter or a novel, learn writing tips, gain confidence and feel empowered to organise your work and write how you feel with pride. Think you can’t? You can.

See how it’s worked for these two very different creators.

Ann Bolch’s techniques for working with writers 1 on 1 are incredibly effective. An afternoon with her provided clarity that would have taken months to uncover on my own. She took apart every theme, plot, and sub-plot in my story, gently challenging my assumptions, using association to bring up fresh ideas, and revealing new paths to a stronger work. Ann’s considered insight helped me truly understand the story I wanted to tell.”

Emily Vogel, Writer

Ann has a way about her that helps you discover for yourself what you need to do and how you want to do it. For me, who has a busy head with many ideas, Ann brought a structure and clarity, with a clear set of prompting questions that helped me weave a pathway towards a solid plan for my work.

The plan included tasks, priorities, timelines and check-ins, and felt like it was exactly what I needed to progress my work. Ann’s role in my future work could be in many forms, depending on each project and task. Knowing she’s there for input along the way has me feeling professionally ‘held’. She’s a coach, mentor, critical friend, for the work ahead.”

Dr Anita Pryor, Bush Adventure Therapy Specialist