blog boast purple-1Our first client to take up The Full Picture was pleased with both his headshot and his 300-word profile and has agreed to share both for our blog boast. Thanks, Duncan.

Accountant Duncan Warnock was a pleasure to work with and, as A story to tell’s accountant, comes highly recommended, particularly if you’re small business owner.

To read his account of the process, have a read of his testimonial.

In the meantime, here is the profile we wrote for him:

For Duncan Warnock, one of the best aspects of working as an accountant is getting to know his clients. They come from all walks of life but are mostly small business owners (sole traders) and individuals, just like him.

As well as being a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), Duncan also has training in mortgage broking, and workplace training and assessment. With extensive experience in IT and software, he can create specific tools for clients to better understand their earnings and savings, which provide excellent data from which to set your financial and life goals. He knows the numbers are only there to support your lifestyle, not the other way around, so is always keen to learn about your immediate needs, medium-term goals and long-term dreams.

Duncan prides himself on being punctual, friendly, reliable, methodical and accurate. What more do you need in an accountant? Actually, he believes a little more can go a long way …

Conscientious and reliable – even during tax season! – Duncan’s personal and flexible approach has seen him help resolve issues that have seemed insurmountable to some clients. Location is no barrier for Duncan. He can meet you at your home, workplace or anywhere else that suits you.

As a small business owner himself, Duncan Warnock understands the challenges and benefits of sole traders and micro businesses. His passion for small business stems from growing up on a dairy farm in West Gippsland. To avoid those wet, frosty mornings, though, he swapped the farm for an office and the cows for people. He likes it better that way.

For a no-obligation, one-hour initial consultation, contact Duncan Warnock, MAS Tax Accounts:

1300 627 829
0402 210 614

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