The Full Picture testimonials

Duncan Warnock

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Our first client to take up The Full Picture was pleased with both his headshot and his 300-word profile and agreed to write a testimonial, and share both over on our blog. Thanks, Duncan.

I approached A story to tell about their The Full Picture offering because I needed a professional photo for use on my website as well as various social media tools, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. Over the years I had seen a lot of profile photos that didn’t look professional and I wanted to ensure people didn’t feel the same way about me.

I had initially written my About Me profile myself and thought it was OKish. But as the profile is a key part of my personal brand I wanted it to reflect me and the personality of my business properly so that potential clients can get a better sense of my business before getting in contact. Reviewing and refining my About Me profile has made me much more confident that I’ll attract the sort of clients I want to work with.

The Full Picture delivered professional photos and content in a friendly and timely manner. I was expecting a quality service so that wasn’t a surprise yet I underestimated the convenience and complementary nature of getting both the professional profile photos and profile content created as part of a single-service package. It’s good value for money and is another job ticked off my list!