At A story to tell … sometimes the customer is not always right.

This doesn’t mean that ASTT staff are right, though. It’s a little more complicated, a little more subtle, and much more rewarding than that.

Even though we offer many services that can be quite separate or part of a suite, our customers come to us for one thing: to improve their work. We do this by providing feedback on the material presented to us, be it a website, a profile, an essay, a short story, a novel, a memoir, a business book or a series of blogs. Sometimes concrete material is scant and we discuss the ideas behind the motivation for the proposed work. That’s fun!

Feedback can challenge our customers – either writers or people with big ideas – in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

  1. Reconsidering their approach
  2. Exploring ideas more deeply
  3. Clarifying long-held ideas
  4. Expanding their strengths
  5. Working with their weaknesses
  6. Improving written expression
  7. Developing a confident voice
  8. Establishing a clearer structure
  9. Engaging the reader more quickly
  10. Becoming more confident about who they are and what they’re presenting to the world.


Yes, that last one’s a biggie! But it’s true. In the developmental work we undertake with our writers and business owners, we help clarify the reason they’re doing what they do. And you know what? This part is free! This growth comes naturally with learning about self through writing and developing ideas. And the loveliest thing? ASTT staff are doing it too! Yes, the customer is not always right, and nor are we. Working with A story to tell … is collaboration at its best.

May your words pour onto the page,

Ann Bolch

  • Sarah
    1 year ago - Reply

    Great list Ann! And I love the last one on it… A lot like learning how to speak in public. It’s all about growth in the end.

  • Sarah
    1 year ago - Reply

    And of course there is no end!

    • AnnBolch
      1 year ago - Reply

      Ahhh, yes, Sarah! And when we realise that to live is to grow, we start to live well! Ax

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