Does anyone else love a good treasure hunt?

To celebrate the launch of A story tell … I’m inviting you to participate in an online hunt for treasure – pearls of wisdom, story gold and those ubiquitous website jewels, typographical errors.

A website needs traffic. This is where you come in … By clicking, commenting and sharing, you can win any of the beautiful and/or useful prizes listed below. Read on to discover the rules of the hunt:

1). Make a wise, witty (or even plain) comment on my new site to go in the running to receive a fabulous item of ASTT merchandise!

2). Share the site with a user who makes contact or comment on the ASTT website and receive your choice of great A story to tell offers below. (Note – make sure the visitor says who sent them to ASTT.)

3). Find at least three typos across the site and receive a gold star for editing plus your choice of book from the list below.

4). Answer these five questions to win a place on my next writing course for you or a friend:

i.         Who is the CEO of Nova Employment?

ii.        What is the title of Danny McAllister’s book?

iii.       What was my first blog post about?

iv.        When did I complete my teacher training?

v.         What are the titles of my writing courses?

5). Do all of the above and be in the running for David Neilson’s exquisite book Southern Light. (Names will be randomly drawn from a hat. Imagine … your name might be the only one and then the book is yours!

Competition ends at 8pm on Sunday 17 November.


  • Changing Gears A Pedal-Powered Detour from the Rat Race by Greg Foyster


Please note: feel free to transfer your prizes to the needy! (AKA someone who would like the goody or service more than you.)

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